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Underfloor heating screed | Heated floor screed

Our liquid Screed is excellent for use over Under Floor Heating (UFH) systems and cavity floors. We use a liquid self compacting, self flowing, self levelling screed which smoothly covers and fully encapsulates the underfloor pipes or wires, reducing any potential for air bubbles/pockets to form, these can badly effect the performance of the heat transfer from the pipes into the screed slab and floor surface.

Whether you are replacing or re-covering an existing heated floor or adding a new underfloor heating system to the property, we have screed and floor coating products to suit all heating systems and property types.

Underfloor Heating Screed

Strong and durable protection for the pipes or wires and with excellent thermal conductivity compared to traditional materials.

  • Smooth & Level
  • Strong & Durable
  • No air bubbles
  • Better heat transfer
  • Up to 500m2 per day
  • Walk on in under 6 hours

floor coating underfloor heating

Get the most out of your underfloor heating system!

finished underfloor heating screed

Underfloor Heating Screed Applications

We deliver the same professional service to all customers regardless of property type or coverage area.

  • Heated Floor Replacement
  • Renovations
  • New Builds
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

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