industrial warehouse floor screedHigh performance industrial concrete screed

Commonly also referred to as floor levelling or self levelling coatings. Our industrial screed floors are quick, strong and durable, creating a stronger, smoother, longer lasting floor that is up to ten times faster to apply compared to traditional screed methods. And thanks to the super quick drying/curing time of the screed, light traffic is possible after just 1-2 hours and heavy machinery or the application of a top floor finish like tiles, can be laid after just 24 hours depending on the screed thickness and conditions.

Industrial Screed Contractors

Rapid drying, self-smoothing industry screed, also known as an industrial self levelling compound.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast application
  • Industrial strength
  • Level
  • Beautifully smooth
  • Rapid drying industrial floor screed
  • Low alkalinity liquid screed
  • Casein-free
  • Low emissions

Our industrial floor screeds can be walked on after just 1-2 hours and final floor coverings can be applied after 24hrs depending on thickness and drying conditions.

showroom screed floor

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